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Pictured: Original Church Building, 1889


A Letter from Senior Pastor, Reel Shell:


Dear Church Family,

I hope that during this past year you have sensed the excitement for ministry in Christ’s name at Hixson United Methodist Church.  Even as we completed the new Children’s Ministry wing, our regular ministries have continued to move forward as we seek to be faithful to our call to help transform the world as followers of Christ.  As we look ahead to 2017, we are again reminded of the call to be stewards of God’s gifts.


Below you will find helpful information about our 2017 stewardship campaign that involves two major ministry areas.  One is the General Budget for the coming year and the other is our Second Mile Giving focus on paying down the mortgage for the Children's Ministry building. (read more)


Stories of Mission and Ministry:


make it work, so I turn it over to God and it works. I’ve seen it in

my life and I’ve seen it in the lives of others.

Hixson has given to us and has

empowered us to give back
and make a difference.
For this we are extremely thankful.
Will & Ann Rowe

"There have been days when I wonder, “why?” And I know I can’t make it work, so I turn it over to God and it works. I’ve seen it in my life and I’ve seen it in the lives of others. Hixson has given to us and has empowered us to give back and make a difference. For this we are extremely thankful." Will & Ann Rowe


"Years ago when a member invited me to join the chancel choir, I had no idea the impact it would have on my life. The music ministry at Hixson became the catalyst for my decision to give my life to Christ. Each Sunday we represent Christ to all those who seek Him." Mark Holland


"We were very involved in our previous church before moving to the area. It was hard for me to imagine finding another church where we felt so connected and loved. However, we have truly found that in Hixson UMC. My children were immediately welcomed and included. They have all grown in their faith and in their knowledge of the Bible and the church. What was initially a difficult transition in our lives was made so much easier by the blessings our family received from Hixson UMC children’s ministry. Phala Rasmussen


"In Chicago, we played a game where we closed our eyes and part of the group was supposed to touch someone they thought was encouraging or extremely brave. I was chosen around 40 times. That’s when I realized that I make a big impact in this group; that these guys really do love me and this is where I belong." Luke Herrin


"Many lives have been touched through the generosity of the church. Through the Care & Share Fund which is supported by our communion rail offering, we have been able to help people in many situations and all walks of life." You shall open wide your hand to your brother (Deut. 15:11) MaryBeth Okes


"I believe strongly in the church caring for everyone from the youngest to the oldest. It means so much to me to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion that I want to share it with others. It is my privilege to be able to offer it to our homebound members each month — and it’s been an extra blessing to have their friends join us." Bunny Sedgwick


"I’d been coming to church here for about six months. No one knew I was homeless. Then one day I decided to share my story with my Sunday school class. My Sunday school teacher gave me one phone number and everything just fell into place." Ed Lewis


"I love participating in the Greeting Card Ministry. The time I spend with others making cards offers meaningful fellowship; the cards provide special gifts used to share love and encouragement with others; and, all the proceeds go to support outreach efforts through our Sunday School class. It’s truly a gift that keeps on giving! These cards offer help to those who make and buy them, healing to those who

receive them, and hope to those it supports through the money we raise.Pasty Gooden

2017 Narrative Budget Brochure

Narrative Budget

Click picture for full .pdf version


2017 Proposed Operating Budget: $1,650,000

Pastoral Ministry: $244,047- partnering with the congregation to lead, nurture and embody Christian discipleship helping people to grow in loving God and neighbor.


Music and Worship: $145,670 - providing inspiring worship (traditional, contemporary and reflective) by giving people of all ages opportunities to express their faith explore their God-gifted talents and offer those gifts back to God.


Mission and Outreach: $188,076 - Whether down the street or across the ocean, we extend the hope and love of Christ to a world in need by offering our resources, presence and services.


Christian Formation: $294,386 - Children, Youth and Adult ministries strategically work together to create a pathway for people of all ages to nurture faith and grow towards maturity in Christ, from birth through adulthood.


Administration: $230,087 - Providing our congregation, pastors and program staff with the support they need to implement and carry out the mission of our church.


Facilities: $547,734 - Supporting the mission of our church by providing space and amenities for our existing ministries and the growing needs in our congregation and community.


New Building RenderingSecond Mile Giving:

Our Second Mile emphasis to address our current mortgage on the new building. The capital campaign officially ends in December with revenue that will be $1.5 million, an amount which exceeds the campaign target.  Now, the Finance Team wants to encourage any new members to the church to consider making a pledge to the on-going commitment to pay down that debt. Every gift will be appreciated as we seek to address the debt in the shortest time as possible.

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